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209619 - Collaborative Stereo Configuration of Master and Satellite Unmanned Air Vehicles for a Dynamic Baseline
Andreas Sutorma, Jörg Thiem

209895 - Robust indoor positioning based on BLE beacons
Cheng Wang, Yu Zhao

211108 - Trackable Visible Light Beaconing and Detection for Indoor Localization Applications Using Undersampling Cameras
Márk Rátosi, Gyula Simon

212208 - WLAN Indoor Ranging Dataset for Evaluation of Time of Arrival Estimation Algorithms
Ahmed Makki, Chris Bleakley

212299 - Positioning Algorithms for Indoor Navigation Using Sensors Fusion
Ievgen Gorovyi, Feliks Sirenko, Alexey Roienko, Yevhen Chervoniak

212304 - Real Time Positioning System for two UAVs via ToF Camera
José Antonio Paredes, Fernando Javier Álvarez, Teodoro Aguilera, Juan Diego Gutiérrez, José Antonio Moreno

212368 - Leveraging Gyroscopes for Estimating Heading Directions of Smartphone Users
Myeongcheol Kwak, Minhyeok Kang, Taeheon Park, Ted "Taekyoung" Kwon

212375 - Radio Map Optimization Through Unsupervised Learning for Indoor Localization
Jens Trogh, Wout Joseph, Luc Martens, David Plets

212511 - Effects of GNSS spoofing on the clock of a GNSS receiver
Victor Truong, Nel Samama, Alexandre Vervisch-Picois

212630 - Impact of calibration on indoor positionning precision
Xavier Tolza, Pascal Acco, Jean-Yves Fourniols

212654 - Indoor Location Surveying With Smart Phones
Ying Zhang, Michael Chiu, Robert Fraser, Chetan Bhadricha, Bhaskar Mehta, Gabriel Leblanc

212679 - MDIRECT: Magnetic field strength and peDestrIan dead RECkoning based indoor localizaTion
Imran Ashraf, Soojung Hur, Muhammad Usman Ali, Yongwan Park

212720 - Real-time Wi-Fi RSS Variation Correction Using a Network Differential Positioning Approach
Guenther Retscher, Yan Li, Allison Kealy, Hannes Hofer, Jelena Gabela, Salil Goel, Omair Qureshi, Elizabeth Smith, Lina Bao

212724 - How to Detect Floor Change in Building Using Smartphone
Sangjae Lee, Dongsoo Han

212808 - 3D Position Estimation of an UAV in Indoor Environments using an Ultrasonic Local Positioning System
David Gualda, Jesús Ureña, María del Carmen Pérez, Hans Posso, Sergio Bachiller, Rubén Nieto

212847 - RF-Based Safety-Critical Hybrid Localization
Mathias Pelka, Marco Cimdins, Horst Hellbrück

212926 - Low Power Ultrasound Location System for Secure Identification
Chesney Buyle, Bert Cox, Liesbet Van der Perre

212958 - Constellations of Active UHF-RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning
Hatem Elias, Elizabeth Colin, Sara Abou-Chakra, Bachar El-Hassan, Jean-Marc Laheurte

212975 - Azimuth Detection Using Flicker-Free Visible Light Communication with a Low Frame-Rate Camera
Yohei Nakazawa, Hideo Makino

213044 - Experiment Design for Ultra-wideband Sensor Node Calibration
Andreas De Preter, Jan Anthonis, Jan Swevers, Goele Pipeleers

213059 - A framework for multisensor positioning and navigation in underground mines
Vincenzo Di Pietra, Marco Piras, Laura Ruotsalainen, Jesperi Rantanen, Tuomo Malkamaki

213063 - Location Awareness and Context Detection for hand-held Tools in Assembly Processes
Jochen Seitz, Christian Nickel, Tonia Christ, Piotr Karbownik, Thorsten Vaupel

213173 - Contribution to Frailty Diagnosis based on Activity and Behaviour Recognition using an IMU
David Gualda, Juan Jesús García, Ana Jiménez, Dina Bousdar, Estefanía Muñoz

213210 - Testing an Ultrasonic Local Positioning System for 3D Spaces
Khaoula Mannay

213213 - Conctactless real-time analysis of elderly people posture for sleep disorders evaluation
Alberto Garcia, Cristina Losada, Sara Garcia, Ana Jiménez, J. Jesus Garcia

213219 - Improving Bluetooth-based Indoor Positioning Using Artificial Networks
Sharareh Naghdi, Kyle O'Keefe

213244 - Evaluating Performance of Human Identification using MIMO Array
Dai Sasakawa, Naoki Honma, Takeshi Nakayama, Shoichi Iizuka

213251 - Smartphone-based Inertial Navigation System Using Step Length and Walking Direction
Ho Jin Ju, So Young Park, Chan Gook Park

213255 - In and Out Detection of Users in Indoor Malls Using Wi-Fi signals
Daehyun Kang, Dongsoo Han

213266 - Quasi-static Magnetic Field Aided Adaptive Foot-mounted PDR
So Young Park, Ho Jin Ju, Chan Gook Park

213284 - A Smartphone Short-Range Path Estimation Method using Spinning Magnet Marker
Kosuke Watanabe, Kei Hiroi, Katsuhiko Kaji, Nobuo Kawaguchi

213327 - MIMU PDR with bias estimation using an optimization-based approach
Henk Kortier, Wilco Bonestroo, Ronald Tangelder