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Special Sessions

RSSI-based Direction Finding

Recently, RSS-based direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation is gaining more and more attention. Especially, in ultra low-power applications and passive RFID RSS-based techniques are a promising approach for ubiquitous localization. The proposed session is meant to gather experts in the emerging field of RSS-based DOA. Nine authors from Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Finland and Germany have committed their participation to session RSSI-based Direction Finding. A small demo session after the presentations for the demonstration of RSSI-based Direction Finding is foreseen.

Organizers of the special session:

  • Thorsten Nowak, Institute of Information Technology, (Communication Electronics), Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU),
  • Norbert Franke, Locating & Communication Systems, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Nordostpark 84, 90411 Nuremberg, Germany,

A Survey on Indoor Localization Competitions

According to the advances of the indoor localization, we have many choices for indoor localization such as pedestrian dead-reckoning (PDR) , Wi-Fi/BLE fingerprinting, and so on.

In order to fairly compare performance and characteristics of each method, many indoor localization competitions have been conducted, for example, EvAAL, PerfLoc, Microsoft Indoor localization competition, ISMAR tracking competitions, and previous IPIN competitions.

In this special session, first, presentation about a short survey on indoor localization competitions will be given for introducing overview of existing competitions and their characteristics. Then, invited competition organizers will give talks about their own competitions. Finally, the session organizers will give a presentation about introduction of  previous PDR challenges and the result of on-going xDR (PDR & VDR)  Challenge.

Organizers of the special session:

  • Dr. Ryosuke Ichikari (AIST, Japan)
  • Mr. Ryo Shimomura (U. of Tsukuba & AIST, Japan)
  • Prof. Katsuhiko Kaji (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Dr. Takeshi Kurata, (AIST & SEI, Japan)
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