Wednesday 26 September



Briefing of the speakers of the day

09:00 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:20

Coffee Break

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Parallel Sessions

Chairperson: Adriano Moreira

212504 - FastGraph - Organic 3D Graph for Unsupervised Location and Mapping
Cristiano Pendão, Adriano Moreira

212127 - Accurate Fiducial Mapping For Pose Estimation Using Manifold Optimization
Xiao Hu

213391 - Registration and merging maps with uncertainties
Martin Larsson, Kalle Åström, Magnus Oskarsson

212677 - MOMA: Visual Mobile Marker Odometry
Raul Acuna, Zaijuan Li, Volker Willert

213228 - A Radio-Inertial Localization and Tracking System with BLE Beacons Prior Maps
Maani Ghaffari Jadidi, Mitesh Patel, Jaime Valls Miro, Gamini Dissanayake, Jacob Biehl, Andreas Girgensohn

Chairperson: Elizabeth Colin

212343 - Characterising the Alteration in the AP Distribution with the RSS Distance and the Position Estimates
Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Philipp Richter, Germán Martín Mendoza-Silva, Elena Simona Lohan, Joaquín Huerta

213423 - RSS-based DOA / DOD Estimation Using Bluetooth Signal and Its Application For Indoor Tracking
Naoki Honma, Ryota Tazawa, Atsushi Miura, Yusuke Sugawara, Hiroto Minamizawa

213148 - A Method of Radio Map Construction based on Crowdsouring and Interpolation for Wi-Fi Positioning System
Jingxue Bi, Yunjia Wang, Hongji Cao, Hongxia Qi, Keqiang Liu, Shenglei Xu

213357 - Response Adaptive Modelling for Reducing the Storage and Computation of RSS-based VLP
Sander Bastiaens, David Plets, Luc Martens, Wout Joseph

212728 - Outdoor Fingerprinting Localization using Sigfox
Thomas Janssen, Michiel Aernouts, Rafael Berkvens, Maarten Weyn

Chairperson: Laura Ruotsalainen

212667 - GoIn - An Accurate 3D InDoor Navigation Framework for Mobile Devices
Vlad Landa, Boaz Ben-Moshe, Nir Shvalb, Shlomi Hacohen

213207 - Geometric Constraint Model and Mobility Graphs for Building Utilization Intelligence
Burgess Thomas, Metzler Barbara, Andreas Ettlinger, Hans-Berndt Neuner

198883 - VLF magnetic positioning in multistory parking garages
Maxim Ralchenko, Mike Roper

212027 - Convolutional Neural Networks for Position Estimation in TDoA-based Locating Systems
Arne Niitsoo, Thorsten Edelhäußer, Christopher Mutschler

212042 - Multi-Robot Mapping for Optically Guided Vehicles
Preity Gupta, Jana Jost, Benjamin Bordihn

212707 - RSS-based Map Construction for Indoor Localization
Tian Sun, Wen Fu, Ao Peng, Lingxiang Zheng, Biyu Tang

Chairperson: Takeshi Kurata

Onsite Visual SLAM Evaluation
Prof. Hideaki Uchiyama (Kyushu University, Japan) (Video presentation)

Performance Evaluation of Indoor Positioning and Navigation Services during PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games by using IPIN competition setup
Dr. Soyeon Lee (ETRI, South korea)

NIST Indoor 3D Challenge
Mr. Jeb Benson (NIST, USA)

PerfLoc Prize Competition for Development of Smartphone Indoor Localization Applications
Dr. Nader Moayeri (NIST, USA)

213242 - PerfLoc (Part 2): Performance Evaluation of the Smartphone Indoor Localization Apps
Nader Moayeri, Chang Li, Lu Shi

212811 - Review of PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking and Advancing to xDR Challenge
Ryosuke Ichikari, Ryo Shimomura, Masakatsu Kourogi, Takashi Okuma, Takeshi Kurata

The result of xDR Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018
Dr. Ryosuke Ichikari (AIST, Japan)

Closing: Brief Survey on Indoor Localization Competitions

12:20 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

TPC Meeting

14:00 - 15:30

Parallel Sessions

Chairperson: Günther Retscher

213143 - Supervised Learning for Yaw Orientation Estimation
Tobias Feigl, Christopher Mutschler, Michael Philippsen

211557 - Multiuser Positioning with Particle Swarm Optimization in 3GPP Outdoor Scenarios
Zhenyu Shi, Bin Hu, Yi Wang

212377 - Comparison of Zadoff-Chu Encoded Modulation Schemes in an Ultrasonic Local Positioning System
Santiago Murano, Carmen Perez-Rubio, Chris Bleakley, Jesús Ureña, Carlos Marziani

212403 - NLOS Detection and Mitigation in Differential Localization Topologies based on UWB Devices
Reza Zandian, Ulf Witkowski

Chairperson: Alvaro Hernandez Alonso

213123 - Passive Acoustic Sound Source Tracking in 3D Using Distributed Microphone Arrays
Erik Verreycken, Walter Daems, Jan Steckel

212856 - Android application for indoor location using sensor fusion: ultrasounds and inertial devices
Sergio Pérez, David Gualda, María del Carmen Pérez, José Manuel Villadangos, Jesús Ureña, Rubén Cervigón

212867 - Robust Localization of Mobile Robot in Reverberant Rooms Using Acoustic Beacons with Iterative Bayesian Filtering
Satoki Ogiso, Koichi Mizutani, Naoto Wakatsuki, Tadashi Ebihara

212913 - Synchronization-free and Low Power TDOA for Radio Based Indoor Positioning
Maximilian von Tschirschnitz, Marcel Wagner

210185 - Moving object tracking based on high precision opto-acoustic BPSK-CDMA distance measurement
Dominik Esslinger, Philipp Rapp, Oliver Sawodny, Cristina Tarín

Chairperson: Ana Jimenez

211990 - Accurate and Precise Distance Estimation from Phase-based Ranging Data
Yannic Schröder, Dennis Reimers, Lars Wolf

212923 - Experimental Evaluation of a Single Anchor Multipath Assisted Indoor Angle of Arrival Localization System in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Band
Stijn Wielandt, Bart Thoen, Lieven De Strycker

213028 - A Computationally Efficient Method for Direction Finding with Known Transmit Sequence
Ziming Zhu, Mohammud Bocus

213037 - Sundew: Design and Evaluation of a Model-based Device-free Localization System
Marco Cimdins, Mathias Pelka, Horst Hellbrück

213247 - Proposal for IMES transmitters using Location Information Code
Takamasa Kawaguchi, Makoto Tanikawara, Kenjiro Fujii, Nobuaki Kubo

15:30 - 15:50

Coffee Break

15:50 - 17:20

Parallel Sessions

Chairperson: Francesco Potorti

212900 - Evaluation of indoor localisation systems: comments on the ISO/IEC 18305 standard
Francesco Potortì, Antonino Crivello, Paolo Barsocchi, Filippo Palumbo

212467 - Evaluation Criteria for Inside-Out Indoor Positioning Systems based on Machine Learning
Christoffer Löffler, Sascha Riechel, Janina Fischer, Christopher Mutschler

213200 - An Analytical Study of Time of Flight Error Estimation in Two-Way Ranging Methods
Cung Lian Sang, Michael Adams, Timm Hörmann, Marc Hesse, Mario Porrmann, Ulrich Rückert

212331 - Characterization of Multipath Effects in Indoor Positioning Systems Based on Infrared Signals
Álvaro De-La-Llana-Calvo, Jose Luis Lázaro-Galilea, Alfredo Gardel-Vicente, David Rodriguez-Navarro, Ignacio Bravo-Muñoz

212286 - Distributed Coordination, Transportation & Localisation in Industry 4.0
Ruben Van Parys, Maarten Verbandt, Marcus Kotzé, Peter Coppens, Jan Swevers, Herman Bruyninckx, Johan Philips, Goele Pipeleers

Chairperson: Jesus Ureña

208400 - UWB Ranging for Rapid Movements
Tanguy Risset, Claire Goursaud, Xavier Brun, Kevin Marquet, Fabrice Meyer

213256 - Assessing a UWB RTLS as a Means for Rapid WLAN Radio Map Generation
Sharareh Naghdi, Chandra Tjhai, Kyle O'Keefe

212401 - Implementation Challenges of Synchronisation of UWB Nodes in TDoA Structures
Reza Zandian, Ulf Witkowski

209646 - A Real-Time UWB Multi-Channel Indoor Positioning System for Industrial Scenarios
Guido Schroeer

Chairperson: Fernando Álvarez

213191 - Fingerprinting Method for Acoustic Localization using Low-Profile Microphone Arrays
Bart Thoen, Stijn Wielandt, Lieven De Strycker

212960 - A review of multidimensional scaling techniques for RSS-based WSN localization
Fernando Seco, Antonio Ramón Jiménez Ruiz, Pekka Pelotola

213394 - Convex Polygon Positioning Method for Homogeneous Optical Wireless Networks
Fabian Seguel, Nicolas Krommenacker, Patrick Charpentier, Vincent Bombardier, Ismael Soto

209830 - Fusing Map Information with a Probabilistic Sensor Model for Indoor Localization using RF Beacons
Mitesh Patel, Andreas Girgensohn, Jacob Biehl

211918 - Performance Comparison of RSS Algorithms for Indoor Localisation in Large Open Environments
Nico Podevijn, David Plets, Jens Trogh, Abdulkadir Karaagac, Jetmir Haxhibeqiri, Jeroen Hoebeke, Luc Martens, Pieter Suanet, Wout Joseph
































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