Monday 24 September





Briefing of the speakers of the day

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Coffee Break

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Parallel Sessions

213184 - Continuous Pose Estimation for Urban Pedestrian Mobility Applications on Smart-handheld Devices
Nicolas Antigny, Myriam Servières, Valérie Renaudin

213249 - Error Analysis of ZUPT-Aided Pedestrian Inertial Navigation
Yusheng Wang, Andrei Chernyshoff, Andrei M. Shkel

212143 - Copernicus: A Robust AI-Centric Indoor Positioning System
Yiannis Gkoufas, Kostas Katrinis

213430 - Crowd-Sourcing RF Profiles for Store Visit Confirmation using SLAM
Firas Alsehly, Chai Wennan, Juri Arief, Zampella Francisco

213073 - CDM: Compound dissimilarity measure and an application to fingerprinting-based positioning
Caifa Zhou, Andreas Wieser

212700 - DelFin: A Deep Learning based CSI Fingerprinting Indoor Localization in IoT context
Brieuc Berruet, Oumaya Baala, Alexandre Caminada, Valery Guillet

210946 - A new methodology for long-term maintenance of WiFi fingerprinting radio maps
Raúl Montoliu, Emilio Sansano, Oscar Belmonte, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra

212549 - Signal Fingerprint Anomaly Detection for Probabilistic Indoor Positioning
Ran Guan, Robert Harle

212712 - WiFi Fingerprinting Localization for Intelligent Vehicles in Car Park
Dinh Van Nguyen, Raoul De Charette, Trung-Kien Dao, Eric Castelli, Fawzi Nashashibi

212122 - Recursive Bayesian Filters for RSS-based Device-free Localization and Tracking
Ossi Kaltiokallio, Roland Hostettler, Neal Patwari, Riku Jäntti

212292 - Specific Study of Delta Range Positioning
Alexandre Vervisch, Nel Samama

212994 - Information Theoretic Framework for the Optimization of UWB Localization Systems
Anthony Schenck, Edwin Walsh, Jonas Reijniers, Ted Ooijevaar, Gatot Yudanto, Erik Hostens, Walter Daems, Jan Steckel

213066 - LocURa: A New Localisation and UWB-Based Ranging Testbed for the Internet of Things
Adrien Van Den Bossche, Réjane Dalce, Nicolas Gonzalez, Thierry Val

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