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Standards For Indoor Maps

As many indoor map formats and models are developed either as standards or de-facto standards, we are often asked why there are so many and what are their differences. In order to reply to these questions, a subcommittee has been organized under IPIN/ISC, where the missions include

  •     Understanding each standard or de-fecto standard of indoor maps,
  •     Comparing them to discover the scope, pros and cons of each standards,
  •     Investigating the integration for each application type based on use-case study and
  •     Suggesting any request to each standard development body.

As the first report of the subcommittee activity, we will present the overall concepts of each standard and their comparison.
This meeting is open to public.

Organizer of the workshop:

IPIN/ISC Indoor Map Subcommittee


Prof. Ki-Joune Li

For further information, please contact Professor Ki-Joune Li (e-mail:

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