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If you tell me what you look at, I could tell you where you are.

Some state of the art pose calculation methods in computer vision.


Abstract: In this tutorial will address the state of the art methods in the computer vision field to get the pose of the camera (position and orientation of the camera optical center) depending on the type of information in the field of view. It will introduce the basis about camera systems and how to calibrate them. Then it will detail some state of the art methods to calculate the pose based on different inputs as 3D models or extracted features. After retrieving the initial pose, an introduction to some current tracking methods will be given.­


Dr. Myriam Servières is associate professor in computer sciences at École Centrale Nantes and a member of the AAU lab since 2006. She received an engineering degree and a DEA (Master) in applied computer science  from Centrale Nantes in 2002 then she achieved a PhD in university of Nantes in 2005. Her research interests are in on-site precise geolocalisation, Augmented Reality and usages of such techniques in urban environments.

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