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Final Call for Competition

Final Call for Competition: HERE

September 22nd, 2018 - Shopping mall Atlantis le Centre, Nantes, France

IPIN is pleased to announce the Indoor Localization Competition, which will be held in the course of the IPIN 2018 Conference at the city of Nantes (France). The competition is aimed at bringing together academic and industrial research communities in order to evaluate different approaches and to address real issues on indoor/urban positioning and navigation.

The competition takes place at the largest shopping mall in Western France: Atlantis le Centre. The shopping mall contains several wide corridors, open areas, large parking areas, more than 150 shops, more than 30 restaurants, an IKEA furniture store and a supermarket (see the floor plan below). This competition is a unique opportunity to solve remaining issues in your GEO-IOT, Location Based Services or other geolocation applications in a dynamic real environment. You may take a virtual tour of Atlantis available here

IPIN 2018 Indoor Localization Competition consists of four independent challenging tracks, including two on-site and two off-site contests, where the accuracy of the competing systems will be evaluated using the black-box testing approach on each track. All proposed systems for competition must be self-contained working solutions and the competitors cannot deploy their own infrastructure for positioning purposes in the on-site tracks.  

The proposed competition tracks in 2018 are

  • Track 1 "Camera based Positioning (on-site)"
  • Track 2 "Non Camera based Positioning (on-site)"
  • Track 3 "Smartphone based Positioning (off-site)"
  • Track 4 "Foot-Mounted IMU based Positioning (off-site)"

Dedicated sessions at the 2018 IPIN conference (September 24th-27th, 2018) will be scheduled to introduce the details of all competing systems and the final results. If you have any question related to the competition tracks, please contact for further information.

Don’t forget to check the IPIN website regularly to keep up to date.

Registration for the competition

In order to register your team for the competition, at least one member of your team should be registered for the conference. The online registration is already open. During the registration the leader of the team should choose the options of participation in the competition and : 

- choose the track

- indicate the members of the team

- indicate if the team will submit a paper associated to the competition

(For more information about the papers contest, please read the Call for Papers)

Please note!

If the members of the team wish to participate in the competition AND the conference, every person should register individually.

If the members of the team will participate ONLY in the competition, the indication made by the leader during his registration is sufficient.




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